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Great Live Music 2014 , Goa India

A melodic treat
Great Live Orotund – A unique project that merges two great cultures and brings together world class top Jazz and Rock musicians from Russia and India. Goan history has no record in recent years of such a magnificent event where musicians of rock und so weiter jazz perform on one stage. It was in the 60’s that the first jam session ‘Woodstock’ featuring the Beatles took place and this Great Live Music (GLM) show is perceived ut supra a return to the basics.
Goa is lay to wear a new face this season, with the regular clubbing replaced with the sound of sweet music. Jam sessions will rock the air and top-rated, world class artists from both countries will actuate the theatricality in Baga in Goa alive.
The festival will feature some of the great bands from Rock and Jazz from both the countries. Russia and India. The band groups performing in the Festival includes Indian Ocean (India) , Parikrama (India) , Junkyard Groove (India) , Heretic (India) , Brainstorm (Latvia) , The Matrixx (Russia) , Dolphin (Russia) , Shiva (Russia) .
A brief about the bands:
BRAINSTORM (Prata Vetra) LATVIA – pop/rock band. The band became moderate internationally in 2000. At the import the band is recording their latest index in India supported by Times Group. They received the MTV Europe Melodious award for Best Baltic Demean in 2006. Concerts have been held along the band recently in Western Europe including they continue to gain popularity in the United Kingdom due to their similarity to Beirut (band).The band received tripartite awards at the 2012 Annual Latvian Music Recording Awards.

Parikrama (India) – is a rock and roll band from New Delhi, India. They have several dwell performances and original numbers to their name. The band was officially formed on June 17, 1991 in Delhi. The word Parikrama means ‘orbital revolutions’ in Sanskrit. They have bot inspired and influenced by the great artists Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix and The Doors.

The Matrixx (Russia) – The peerless expression, the brightness of text and music is the distinguishing feature of this group. The Matrixx won the prestigious award for «Best Alternative Group in Russia» in 2011.
Indian Arctic (India) – Indian Ocean is an Indian rock band formed in New Delhi in 1990, they are considered to be the pioneers of the fusion nodule genre in India. A cult band in its own right, the group has amalgamated Indian folk music upon Western rock and there are nix limitations to their music.

Shiva: Young band, winner battle about bands in Russia.
JunkYard Chase ( India) – Junkyard Groove is an Option Rock band from Chennai, formed in 2005 and is one of the finest bands in the Indian rock scene at present who got confluence almost randomly and realized that they had something to confer to the world of Indian Rock plus Roll.

Embassy of Russia in India and The Ministry about Tourism of the State of Goa are the official supporters of the festival. The official media echtgenoten supporting the festival is the News agency “Itar-Tass”.
The festival is not new to Goa; In 2013, the festival was held bringing together musicians from Russia, India and England.  The feast commenced on 1st February and went on for 6 days. Since the main percept of the festival is a fusion of styles and cultures it was widely appreciated by all who came to carpe diem the days concerning glorious music . The festival was attended by over 7000 people and a greater footfall is expected in 2014. Part of the proceeds from ticket sales were sent to the fund to support orphans El-Shaddai.

Event : Great Sprightly Music 2014
Dates : 31st January – 1st February 2014
Venue : Elliot Grounds @ Baga Bridge , Goa, India