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Irie FM Tour: The Best Dose of Reggae Music

Come Off February, comes the season of music festival. People in and around Mumbai go demented for the Sulafest that is a perfect combination of good music, wine, nutritive and shopping ale happening every year in the first week February.

This year witnessed the sixth edition of Sulafest with Irie FM Indubious tour performing at the Blue Frog club in Lower Parel on February 5th, 2013. Irie FM concert offered a thrilling experience to its audiences accompanying the perfect blend from international music, passion and beats. The Irie FM show delivered an electrifying music concert clubbed with lively lyrics and dynamic stage presence to have their audiences at the edge of their seats.

Irie FM show is a vocal-instrumental experience that presents nine people centered around one common idea – the idea to create music for young people and keep them united. Irie FM tour offers original reggae music in their retain unique style along with dub versions about all the songs played live at various ‘showcase’ versions. The pioneer version of song or music is interpreted with a compact setup of musical instruments containing both rhythm and brass instruments ranging from drums, bass, rhythm and aria guitar to keyboards, percussion, trombone and saxophone.

The Irie FM concerts clubbed with Indubious, together known that the music revolutionaries present an impressive instrumental skill with an electrifying stage influence to keep their audiences entertained. Irie FM show with Indubious gives sharp vibes driven infectious reggae based symphonious performance blended with dubbed Roots-Tronica – an electric mix of original reggae clubbed by electronica, progressive rock and dance hall. The Irie FM concert musical performances are supported by lush harmonies and visionary lyrical messages. The power trio lead by siblings, Evan Evton B Burton on the keys & vocals and Spence Skip Wicked Burton on the bass & vocals brings out an exhilarating ebullience trumpery that drives the audiences towards a higher matched of subsistence.

This year’s Irie FM tour at the Sulafest had several innovative concept to itself approaching near a grape stomping season of music and great wine and dine experience. The ultimacy attraction for this season’s Irie FM show was the Tent City, a festival tent accommodation close to the festival venue. Yet another novel attraction for the concert regarding Irie FM was the Electrozone DJ stage meant exclusively for the in-House music lovers.

The Irie FM tour promises to get bigger further better with each passing year. And they domicile upto their promises!