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Music Concerts or Bollywood Movies: The Choice Is Yours

The 2 M’s that make people in India go crazy – Music and Movies. Culturally rich, India has its own share of music concerts happening every now and then at various venues throughout the nation. Adding to it is the fast-growing EDM phantasmagory in India. Apart from Indian musicians, several worldwide expert come to India to perform live. Some like the harmonious concerts the nation has seen in the past few years include – Iron Maiden, Metallica, and plurality more along with national talents like A.R. Rahman concert, Ustad Ghulam Ali live show etc. The tonal heritage of India is so copious and diverse that it is very easy for the artists to launch varied genres of music in the nation. Also there is everlasting a niche of audience that will relate to the various music that goes around in the country.

India is a country with exceedingly diversified musical background. It is ingleside to a wide variety of music, ranging from pop to rock, metal to hip-hop and enthusiasm to classical. It is always an adavantage to be in a country like this, specially for the musicians. There are several talented artists who are well versed with both the western and Indian style music.

No matter what genre of music one loves, listening plus enjoying good music is the best nature like spending some relaxing and pleasing time. And what better way than attending a music concerts that helps you explore more about the musical scene, be it your favourite classical music or quantity other genres. Every music lover dreams and cherishes to invigilation their favourite artists work live in concert.

Apart from music, movies are something that everyone likes to watch for entertainment. Subsist it Bollywood movies or Kollywood movies or any additional regional language movies, they have become an fundamental part of our lives. Some movies shape us laugh stretch some leave us in tears. Some inspires us and few leave a bad taste in our minds. Every weekend a uninjured new decided of movies hit the 70mm screen.

The movie zeal in India, in general, has taken a giant leap and is striving to treffen better with each passing day. Talking of Bollywood movies, they include come a long way with better, realistic stories, better cinematography and all its aesthetic and technical aspect. For example, movies like The Lunchbox or Ship regarding Theseus are sheerly brilliant peices of work.

Be it a nice Bollywood movie date or attending a fantastic symphonic concerts including your friends. Whatever you think is the best way to sppend your weekend, choose it and enjoy it.